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Proper Relaxation

Relieve tesion in the muscles and rest the whole systems: body and mind, Leaving you as refreshed as after a good nigt's sleep. It carryes over into all your activities and teaches you to conserve your energy and let go of all worries or fears. There are three basic postures for relaxation:
. The Corpse Pose

	     	Lie on your back, feet spreads shoulder wide, 
		hands about 6 inches away from sides, palm up
		make sure body is symmetrical.
		Thights, knees, toes turn outward.
		close eyes and let go
		observe your breathe with pleasent
. The Frontal Corpse Pose

	lie down on your front,  
	legs slightly apart, toes touching, heels fall out to the sides.
	hands lightly apart from sides,  palms up
	melt down the floor, alternating sides if want	
. Final Relaxa
	.Physical relax your whole body.
	.Mental relax your body 
	.exprience the stillness...peace..
	.bring your consicious back to your body and deeper breathe
	.jently move your fingers and tows, head from side to side

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