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		A Bad Day

		I overslept and missed my train
		slipped on the sidewalk
		in the pouring rain,
		sprained my ankle,
		broke my glasses
		lost my keys,
		got stuck in the elevator,
		it wouldnt' go,
		kicked it twice and stubbed my toe,
		bought a pen that didn't write,
		took it back and had a fight,
		went home angry,
		kocked the door,
		crawled into bed,
		couldn't take any more.

More Bad Luck The bread was stale, it was four days old. The milk was sour, The coffee was cold, The butter was rancid, The steak was tought. The service was dreadful. The waiter was rough. My bill was huge. His tip was small. I'm sorry I went to that place at all.